Ancestors – Family Portraits

01_Wilma 02_Vater 03_Daniel 04_Filipo 05_Roxy

Ancestors – Family Portraits.In times of patchwork family relations we create new forms of social relations.

Beside of all the possibilities of social freedom there is still a strong desire to create a kind of informal pedigree, to give everyone a relational based place in our social environment.In my work i use the classical narrative elements of aristocratic background settings, to situates the portrayed person in a social and spiritual position. In a second step i give them the same paper-mask to wear.This gives them a certain mutuality by hiding individual aspects in favor of a common physical appearance as if they would really come from one family tree.With my work i am creating a connection between myself and all the people in my life, as well as give them a relation between each others, making them my gallery of ancestors as if we share a common memory.

Ongoing project.