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Initializing moment to this work have been little self constructed shrines i found in small villages across the canary islands, images of a good-looking young man, obviously coming from previous times.
The pseudo realistic presentation of the holy family members as a self reassurance of their existence was doubled by adding multiple layers of photographic surfaces over the images to give them an even more documentary proof that there is some real to be pictured.
But the strong gestures and exaggerated poses were more like actors on a theatre stage, so i gave them emblematic ingredients for the drama. Curtains, portals and stage room as a sign of retelling a story. I incorporated element of historic paper theaters, which were used to replay the theatre piece for the children at home, who were not allowed to attend the real show in theaters at that time.
By recombining these elements, i created my own little shrines with all the slices and traces of time and references a strong story creates over a long period of time.