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Supermodels is a collaborative work of Daniel Wetzel ( Berlin ) and Gregor Schuster


Both of us have enjoyed roughly the same photographic socialization.As teenagers, we were, of course particularly, interested in images of women. Presently we research iconographic pictures of women in the history of photography that were important to us during our photographic coming-of-age. We examine the constellation photographer/model, as we place ourselves in the role of the, earlier admired, female models. How does it feel to be commanded to take a certain pose? To be the, often naked, projection surface of a photographer? How is it to be looked at? Does the perception of a famous image alter, if the model has the opposite sex and is much older as the iconic inspiration? Are formal aesthetic criteria strong enough to endure the alternation of context? Most of all, we want to honor those fabulous, some times nameless, women for their contribution to photography! As this work is also a mental journey back in time, we decided to shoot with outdated analog SX-70 Polaroid material. Not only to reveal those times of the „decisive moment“, but also to give the whole series of images an aesthetic coherence like a sort of family album.

Have fun!